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Overcoming Challenges

Achieving High Search Rankings, Brand Consistency, and User-Friendly Navigation

The project presented several challenges, including the need to ensure the website ranked highly on search engines for relevant keywords. This required a comprehensive approach to SEO optimization. Additionally, maintaining consistency with CBRE Global's branding guidelines was crucial to reinforce brand identity and trust. Another significant challenge was developing an intuitive navigation system to enhance the user experience, making it easy for users to find the properties they were looking for.

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Innovative Solutions

SEO, Brand Consistency, and Enhanced Search Functionality

SEO Implementation
We implemented best SEO practices, including keyword optimization, meta descriptions, and mobile-friendly design.

Brand Consistency
The design was crafted to reflect CBRE Global’s visual identity, ensuring a seamless brand experience.

User-Centric Design
The content was organized to facilitate easy navigation, with clear categories for condominiums and residences.

Enhanced Search Functionality
We improved the search feature by categorizing searches based on user needs (Buy/Rent). Filters and sorting options were meticulously organized to streamline the property search process. Additionally, product cards were designed to be easily scannable, allowing users to grasp essential property details at a glance.


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