When is the best time to redesign our website?

Pakvipa Potaya

Creative Director

Our world is changing rapidly.
Most industries are being disrupted by startups and new small businesses that utilize technology in their business models. Organizations’ adjustments are vital to the economics survival. Losers are not just “losers” but there is a high chance that these losers will totally disappear.

The question “When is the best time to redesign our website?”, therefore, can be answered very easily. Even more, organizations should be answering the bigger question of “What should we do to transform our companies both in terms of business models and people to handle this big change.

Websites existed for the first time more than 30 years ago. Techniques in designing and developing websites have been changing and evolving for the past 20 years, when internet was made used for the first time in Thailand.

Today, websites are not “online brochures” that tell one-way story of an organization but “weapon tools” that strengthen brand image and organizations’ technological advancement.

Websites can be designed and developed to be used as an effective tool to attract users’ interactions. There can be various features on websites that can help provide the best experience for users during their journey on the websites.

It is true that most designs are about artistic values and the ego of designers. However, website design is actually the opposite. At Degito, we have theories that measure our designs in “numbers”. We design websites based on logic and reasons and we ensure that every touch point, selected color, component on our designs have reasons and values. This helps lead our designs to provide the best user experience.

We start off any projects with design thinking, which for us it means designing the journey, the process, and the experience for users.

Lakana Pitakteeratham

Project Director & CO-Founder

We built this company on the idea “To make Thailand’s digital industry better”.
“Better” is quite difficult to define since everything is subjective and relative. One of the reasons for “better”, I believe, is when our clients achieve their goals, their users find the our digital tools and experiences useful and helpful and make their lives easier.

Another big reason for “better” is to embrace the importance of design. We hear a lot these days about “design thinking”, “design process”, “design ideas” but do we actually know what they mean?. At Degito, design is at every step of our work. We start off any projects with design thinking, which for us it means designing the journey, the process, and the experience for users. These also translate into development and marketing phase, not just at the design phase. Basically the question is “How do we want the users to act and what do we want the users to see?

The first idea we built this company on has led us to many subsequent ideas; how can we continue innovating our services to help serve better in this fast-moving world? How can we be more efficient and effective as a team? How can we help more people with less time and at a lower cost?

My final thought is that I hope people view digital designers and developers at equal importance. Both these positions help us innovate new tools and experiences in the digital world (some may view that only developers do this). I would like to see more designers come up with innovative ideas and not be afraid to fail and try again. My wish is to see more creations come from young Thai graduates who want to change the world.