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AI and Robotics Ventures (ARV)

The team at PTTEP came to us to consult about their new ventures called AI and Robotics Ventures (ARV). They would like us to develop their new brand story, guidelines, logo from scratch to represent the new AI and Robotics Ventures at PTTEP.

This project was extremely fun and exciting for us as we had the honor to think and build this brand from scratch. We came up with the story of machines incorporating with Stephen Hawkings ideas and more. Finally, we designed the brand image, story, guidelines and logo for them, which fortunately the team at ARV loved them very much.

Other than branding, we also designed all the marketing materials for the team such as business cards, T-shirts, Coverall, Icons, Envelops, and so on.

AI and Robotics Ventures Co., Ltd.
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