A great design doesn’t come without a detailed & analytical thought process.
At DEGITO, we put in as much, if not more, time & effort in thinking as doing.

1. Analysis

Before diving in to any website design development, we begin our process by analyzing client's business, its industry, its positioning, and its business goals.
We invite a sitdown with clients to discuss all the elements mentioned above before we go in through the necessary steps further. The analysis we get help us to work with the data that will directly inform target personas, userflows, content strategy, content creation, brand positioning, and much more.

2. Strategy

After we collect data & information needed at the first stage, we are now ready for the second stage of website design : Strategy. The strategy stage here is to give directions and guidelines for the rest of the process. It is important that we decide on the path client's business will walk on. The strategy of the website design should be in line with the client's overall business goals.

3. Content Creation

The content in your website should never be created without meaningful engagement. The headlines, menus, subtitles, and text in every page of your website should convey important message to the customer and audiences. At DEGITO, we make sure that the content not only draw the customers to visit your website, but also engage them in a way that visitors convert into customers.

4. Website Design

At DEGITO, we do not consider ourselves as mere designers. Our design team produce visuals to convey message of client's business and help the client reach business goal by our artistic experience. Working with DEGITO, you are assured that every design element is created to convert visitors into customers according to your business purposes.

5. Website Development

After design your website, now it's time to develop and launch it to the world. We develop your website with responsive design and with convertion target of your business purpose. Whether it is a company profile website, Hotel booking website, E-commerce website, you name it, we develop the frontend and backend accordingly.

Examples of our web design portfolio