Website / Mobile Application Design and Development

A great design doesn’t come without a detailed & analytical thought process.
At DEGITO, we put in as much, if not more, time & effort in thinking as doing.

1. Analysis

Before diving in to any website design development, we begin our process by analyzing client's business, its industry, its positioning, and its business goals.
We invite a sitdown with clients to discuss all the elements mentioned above before we go in through the necessary steps further. The analysis we get help us to work with the data that will directly inform target personas, userflows, content strategy, content creation, brand positioning, and much more.

2. Strategy

After we collect data & information needed at the first stage, we are now ready for the second stage of website design : Strategy. The strategy stage here is to give directions and guidelines for the rest of the process. It is important that we decide on the path client's business will walk on. The strategy of the website design should be in line with the client's overall business goals.

3. UX UI and Website Design

After we have the strategy for your brand for the website, we will then start our UX UI and website design process. The UX UI comprises of several steps and tasks such as creating sitemaps, user flows, information architecture, wireframes and prototyping. After the UX UI process completes, we will then start finalizing the designs for every element and page on your website.

4. Website Front-End Development (Responsiveness + API Development)

After the UX UI and website design process completes, we will then start the front-end development process. This is the process where we tranform design into coding. We create all coding from scratch and all the coding we do is optimized for responsiveness. Responsive website is one that is compatible with every browser and suitable for all devices e.g. Desktop, Tablet and mobile devices.

5. Website Back-end Development

After front-end development completes, we will then start develop the back-end and systems for the website. For each project, the systems are different. Corporate websites might have a Content Management System (CMS) developed, E-commerce websites will have the shopping system and payment gateway integration developed. Public company websites will have a CMS plus an integration for stock price updates.

6. Security Measures and Testing

For each website, we apply coding security measures into them for clients. For highly sensitive websites such as public company websites, financial institutions website, and E-commerce websites, the security measures will follow the latest and most important OWASP guidlines. We will also test every website before launching so that no error and bugs will present on the launched website.

7. Server Configuration and Launching

When the staging website is tested and ready to launch, we will start config the server. If client does not have a physical server at their company, we will recommend using Amazon's cloud server service (AWS). However, if client already owns a physical server, we will cofig and launch the website on client's own server.

Examples of Our Web Design and Development Work

Degito Portfolio Web Design Central Department Store Application Design by DEGITO Bangkok MRTA ORANGELINE EAST Website Designed by Degito Bangkok REDD Premium Self Storage Website Designed by Degito Bangkok Thai Credit Retail Bank Website Designed by Degito Bangkok Alpine Website designed by DEGITO BANGKOK TATA STEEL THAILAND WEBSITE Designed by DEGITO BANGKOK Amway Experience Center Website Application designed by DEGITO BANGKOK