Online Marketing and Analytics

We are living in a DIGITAL world.
Being able to exist, market, and sell on digital platforms are inevitable.
With ample experiences in digital channels, DEGITO is your indispensable guide to all things digital.

1. Google Search (Adwords)

Google Search Engine Marketing is a mandatory tool for a website to be found on Google Search. Being ranked in high positions by purely SEO or organic way takes up a lot of time that some businesses do not have. Therefore, utilizing Google Adwords is a perfect way to advertise your business and reach your target customers in an effective way. With Google Adwords certification, we ensure your advertising budget is optimized and your ROI is maximized.

2. Facebook Marketing

Facebook is inarguably the most impactful and widespread social media today. Millions of people are using Facebook everyday. Having a presence on Facebook is a crucial step for you and your business. Having an additional social media channel like Facebook to boost your sales is the best next step you should take.

3. Youtube Advertising

If your business has a corporate videos or promotional videos, advertising them on Youtube can be extremely beneficial. Advertising your videos on Youtube can be more effective to reach your audience than advertising on TV if done right.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is all about having a good written content, onsite and offsite. Optimizating content on your website is not as easy as one might think. We are professional content writers. Writing impactful heading, subheading, and meta tags is our speciality.

5. Digital Analytics

A great marketer does not only market but also analyze. Spending your marketing budget on channels and do not know the impact or statistics associated with it is similar to a blind man. DEGITO help you with data and information to lead and guide your marketing spending and overall business decisions in the correct path.

Examples of Our Online Marketing Work

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