Branding and Rebranding

A great business should not only produce a great product but also possess their own unique identity and brand image
- as it is as important for customers to use your product as to recognize who produces it.

1. Brand Identity

It is crucial for marketers to help a business to stand on a stong brand identity. It is almost dangerous for any corporate to have a thriving business but no corporate identity. A strong brand identity help customers recognize and distinguish your business from your competitors. A well-built and defined brand identity will lead to customer awareness, recognition and most importantly loyalty.

2. Logos

Logos for any business should not just be beautiful, Logos should be the most representative medium to convey your business and its identity. At DEGITO, we do not only design pretty visuals but we take into account your business identity, core values, products & services in designing your business logos.

3. Business cards

In a dull business world, how do you distinguish yourself and your business? When you handout your business card, it should represent you and your business to the fullest. A business card can be creative and effective. At DEGITO, we design business cards with artistic ideas and effective layout experience.

4. Brochures & Posters

Brochures & Posters are traditional way of marketing your business and its promotional message. At DEGITO, we design brochures & posters in a way that they are not wasteful but useful and distinctive.

5. Packaging design

Whether you are a barista selling coffee beans or a fashionista selling clothes, an engaging and pleasing packing design can be a vital factor in converting visitors to customers. Moreover, the small touch of pretty packing can leave your customers with longlasting impact.

Examples of Our Branding Work

ARV Website and Branding designed by DEGITO BANGKOK