Degito Portfolio Website Design - Sansiri Family Website

Sansiri Family

This is one of the proudest projects for us in 2019.

We had a great opportunity to redesign and redevelop the UX UI of Sansiri Family website. We began this project with the pain points real users had using the old website. We had multiple brainstorming sessions on what were the obstacles on the user experience and also how could we bring the fresh brand image of Sansiri Family onto the new website as well.
We completely changed the look and feel, user journey, and user experience on the new website. And because this website is for Sansiri Family customers to browse through and redeem the privileges offered to them, we made this journey experience as our main goal.
Other than redeeming privileges, there are also activity booking flow, linking to partners flow, and so on.
For the User Interface, we thought and designed it to be more colorful, easy to understand, easy to use.
Users can also log in to view and manage their properties, make use of partners services such as moving service, interior design service, garden design service and more!