Thai Credit Retail Bank Website Designed by Degito Bangkok

Thai Credit
Retail Bank

We redesigned and developed the new Thai Credit Retail Bank website. This project required Degito to be the most honest and strict with grid and guidlines in designing the website.
This website is beautiful on all devices, small to large desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

The most difficult aspect of this project is to be pixel-detail and one-line-of-coding-detail due to the strict and perfect nature of all banks. All content, designs, and development must be passed and approved by the Thai Credit Retail Bank, Pentest team, and Bank of Thailand.

This is the project which we gained worthy experience in being discipline and patient.

  • Client

    Thai Credit Retail Bank

  • Type of work

    Web Application Design and Development

  • Date

    June 2018

  • Preview Website